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Prayer and the lack thereof - mmitch47 - 07-27-2009

I have been at war today. For some reason over the last three weeks my house has been inundated with flies. Not 3 or 4 but 30 - 50 +. OK where did they come from and what are you trying to teach me. First message is keepiung kitchen clean. It was clean ok so what else? I spent all of today killing the pesky things, spraying the kitchen window with pam, opening windo wn literally scooping them out and the coup de gras. Sweepuing up maggots that were risinf from the carpet. ARRRRgh. If anyone has a spiritual observation to this mess, let me know. I still have at least 50 or 60 hanging arouind. They do not react to the old time fly strip or any of the old ways. So what will it take to get rid of them. Are you hearing the spiritual call in all this? I do but I am so involved in getting rid of them to see the spiritual teaching God is trying to give me....HELP!!!!

Prayer and the lack thereof - HelenaZF - 07-27-2009

This just in from Dean in response to your challenge:

Quote:Where ia Joy when we need her??

She had the ability to pray pestilence out of her house...we always figured it was because she loved all creatures purely, and God would just ask them to leave for her.

Apparently at some point, you had some flies who left their little progeny bundles in your carpet and you will have to deal with the hatchlings until the season is past. I don't think it would be wise for you to use any killing chemicals in your house at this point. Maybe go visit someone for a few days?

What's the lesson it it all? I don't know. Maybe that we sometimes have to share space with less than desireable entities and need to know how to do it with grace.

However, that gives an awful lot of importance to a common pest. So maybe there is no lesson really. Maybe it's just getting through the challenges of the day that we have no guarantee of every escaping anymore than a non-believer does.

Prayer and the lack thereof - DeanZF - 07-28-2009

From a practical standpoint, I think I disagree with Helena. There are some really great new "bombs" that you can use that are NOT poisonous to humans. I feel as though you have to take an offensive posture, but not at risk to your own health.

From a spiritual standpoint, it is a warfare, but against what? Is there a lesson? There usually is, but you may not find it for years after the flies are gone!! Praying about that.

It's a pestilence and a "gift" that's going to keep on giving unless the cycle is broken. It's like fleas. You have to bomb to kill the live ones and then again to kill the next set of hatchlings. That breaks the life cycle of the pest and brings the infestation to an end in most cases.

How do you break a curse? There is a spiritual component and also a physical component to lots of curses. We react to curses and our behaviors often form patterns of response. Familial curses and what some call "soul ties" create behaviors that become habits. The curse/soul ties have to be broken and then the behaviors have to be changed. And there is the whole "first the physical then the spiritual" thing. Do you have to learn this physical lesson in anticipation of a spiritual one coming down the road??

I feel as though this is a little shotgun-ish, but it's late and my head is definitely splattered.

Prayer and the lack thereof - mmitch47 - 08-03-2009

Many days after the flies....I am seeing the flies in the ointment concerning a very special friend that I have had for 10 years....the flies concerning the matter is that his children found him almost dead Monday the 13th of July, kidneys etc had failed dehydrated lost 40 lbs. Was in ICU one week. etc etc. He is now in nursing home prob. with some brain damage. the first battle of flies was killing what I could...How do I get AROUND CHILDREN that don't relate to their dad unless they need something so they did not know allergies, did not know primary docs name nor where to find that info, where was living will etc., Grace, Grace as I worked around over and through to teach his kids (both in 40s)how impoortant it is when you are getting older to have open conversations about such things. Lesson II - persevere!!!! Wasn't good enuff to set off one bomb, yes Helena very like flea issues. Things in second case, being assertive with what I knew and information I have known. Made appointment with hodpital social worker and laid out everything I have known....also taught me on the side how important to be sure there are those who will advocate for you...sometimes family just cannot do it. I am learning many things that I wasn't wanting to learn yet about end of life issues; boundary issues; and the god awful results of appalachia mis teachings or lack thereof...I am now to a place of waiting to see the victory for now the flies are gone.

Prayer and the lack thereof - HelenaZF - 08-06-2009

That is sad that his kids were so uninvolved that they couldn't know what was needed to help him. But God did have you there.

That says to me that God always has a backup plan when our natural one fails us. It's something I can lose sight of when I'm in a battle. A good reminder.