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Symbolic L - HelenaZF - 03-25-2006


[As worship artist, we are communicators.....we must know the language of the Kingdom in order to communicate truth through our art, and the language of the Kingdom is symbols.]


(Hebrews 1: God spoke in many and varied ways....) God of imagery and spectacle: pillar of cloud/fire, parting of the Red Sea, fallen walls of Jericho, chariots of fire, the cross, the communion, star of Bethlehem, rainbow


IMAGES COMMUNICATE through the eye-gate, bypass the abstract of intellect

Symbols allow spirit to communicate to flesh

SPIRIT TO SPIRIT Communication can happen without understanding. Virtue can be transmitted (healing-Paul's handkerchief, woman/blood-hem of garment)

IMAGE-the concrete picture(literal) Ex. water-wet substance, river, ocean, rain (Moses-rock)

SYMBOL- positive/negative, connotations associations and significance Ex. water (woman at well-salvation : wouldn't have the meaning with out literal life-giving properties of water)

METAPHORE-comparison (I Cor 3:6)Paul: I plant, Apollos watered/ figurative "planting")

SIMILE- uses "like or as" to make comparison: (Prov.25:25 "Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.")

TYPES: symbol that prefigures a personality: serpent on pole (the cross), incense altar (Christ as intercessor), Abraham's ram (Christ as Atoner), goat (sin-bearer) , cherubim & mercy seat (the Godhead), David (type of Christ as shepherd-king), Boaz (kinsman-redeemer)

ARCHETYPES: patterns, the universal elements of human existance. It is either an image, a plot-motif, or a character type.

Negative-PositiveArchetypes: angels-demons, bride-harlot, hero-villain, feast-famine, covenant-abandonment, kingdom gov't-anarchy,kings robe-filthy garment, strength-deformity, olive tree-thorn tree, palace-dungeon, jewels-rocks or dirt, day-night, harmony-cacaphony, ascent-descent, straight-crooked, advancing-retreating


COLORS (GEMS, METALS) speak truths (examples ?)

NUMBERS confirm truth (Hebrew letters have numbers assigned...) (examples ?)

acrostics--153 fish numbers of God's name--to confirm His presence

(bells on Yeshua banner--cube of 3--His perfect priesthood)

MATERIALS - Kingdom espressed in rich fabrics: silk, brocades, velvets, jewels



breathing: impart life, clapping-victory, lifted hand-vow,honor;hand on head-blessing; kneeling-worship, homage; walking-advancing, progress; pointing finger-scorn

Tableaus: worship at throne (Rev.4), crucifixion, coming for BrideScenarios:

Motifs or patterns (meeting of intended, clothing, conflict and

resolution, reversal --enemy overthown, youngest over


Conventions (recurring things in motifs such as betrothal, at a well, going to the father, etc.)



layers of meaning, build on single focus (Living Word)

truth in images, design (includes shape) and colors

message also from movement, sound, smell


simple images, fire, water, oil, wind, glory, blood, wine,

single concepts: glory, royalty, holiness,

Icon painting: images of eternal truth for meditation & impartation

said to be done under an anointing


Dancer as "banner" (you yourselves are our letter...known and read byeveryone.... 2Cor. 3:2) Not only movements, but life and

appearance speak

Garments used prophetically can symbolically represent states of


Virtues : holiness (white), glory(gold) , royalty(purple), truth (silver) strength(armour), joy (favor-many colors)

Anti-virtues (vices: sin (red or black), brokeness, poverty (torn,dirty), mourning (black, shrouded), bondage


Work of the HS: grace (blue, dove), maturity (olive tree,

dk.green)new life(green-new growth or

butterfly-metamorphosis), purification(fire motif)

Scriptural characters: Bride of Christ, shepherd-king, Pharoah (enemy) Moses, Israel, harlot, beggar,


Word expressed in physical forms

Sword, crown, torah, shofar, scepter, cross, tabernacle furniture

Tallit, rose or lily, water jar


Build a physical "habitation" tabernacle/temple model

Concepts of symmetry

Central focus that leads to God

Objects for meditation

Theory of light alteration (stained glass windows)


All the elements of the visual come together here, movement,

garments, environment, banners flags and holy objects.

1. celebration and rejoicing

2. portayals of biblical events

3. scenes of prophetic events

4. proclamation of truth and the character of God and His kingdom

5. a model of intercession

6. a picture of the army of God

7. a model of the worship of heaven

CONCLUSION: Power, anointing reside in the Word of God. Expression of the Word of God must be the first requirement in choice of symbolic images. Sentimental and nostalgic images will move the emotions, but not reach the spirit. In the sense that the Word is made flesh in us, the power and anointing also reside within us. In our actions and portrayals, we walk out the scriptural imagery that imparts truth. To speak things of eternal significance, the Word of Truth must be communicated in the language of the Scriptures. To operate in the Kingdom, you must use the language , concepts, and models of the Kingdom.

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