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Jean Mabry DVD - DeanZF - 04-24-2010

Our newest member wrote (and I'm forwarding to all):

I would love to have a copy of a dvd that I had once, but loaned it to a friend and do not have it anymore.

It is a dance dvd of Jean Mabry's dancers. I do not know where they were at when they did this dvd, but there is several dances on it. Go through the gates, Going up to the mountain, the set time has come, there was more but I cannot remember the titles.

I would love to get a copy if anyone can tell me how please e-mail me at <EMAIL email="jewishdance7@yahoo.com">jewishdance7@yahoo.com</EMAIL> Thank you

Jean Mabry DVD - DeanZF - 04-24-2010

Did a little bit of research on Google and found some info, but I don't know if it's recent info.

The email there is <EMAIL email="ajmabry@juno.com">ajmabry@juno.com</EMAIL>. Also had other contact info there, too. <URL url="http://www.bezalel-international-school-of-dance.org/garments/index.html">LINK