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hello again! - flaglady - 09-29-2010

<BIG>[big]Long time no see! Sorry I've been so absent. How's everybody? I'm doing well, kept busy on my knee/hip forum and working - would you believe? I was 69 last month!

I don't have a church at present so nowhere to do flags! Confusedorry: I miss it so. sometimes I ache to be able to get out the flags.

But I'm still selling them on my website. Just did a sizeable order for a client in New Zealand, would you believe!

Well, gotta scoot now. I'll try not to be so long dropping in next time.

By all!


hello again! - HelenaZF - 10-02-2010

Great to hear from you, FL!

Things must be happening "down under". Smile The last banner commission I shipped off went to Australia.

hello again! - flaglady - 08-08-2014

"Try not to be so long visiting next time"!! Ha!

4 years and more. :hangman:

It's not that I don't think I of you Helena. How are you doing?

I'm 73 next month and about to have my second knee replaced!

I'm also still working IRL as an occupational health nurse but only about one day a week. Still it's very satisfying and pays well.

BoneSmart goes from strength to strength and my co-admin and I now keep an Excel chart on our time spent on the forum. Currently it runs at an average of 6 or 7 hours a day with around 20-30 posts a day. Some going, huh? But it's very satisfying work and something I think all my time on CF and elsewhere was just preparation for. When you think the forum is visited by around over 9,000 visitors a month, I must be the only nurse ever to be advising such a number of 'patients' world wide! God surely works in mysterious ways!

All praise to Him.

hello again! - HelenaZF - 08-08-2014

Pish... a few years go by here and there and yet it seems like nothing.... good thing we have eternity!

How wonderful that God is using you through your forum that way. I'm glad to hear that you are working at staying mobile. Maybe you'll get a chance to do flags again at some point somewhere. We must move whatever still moves! Big Grin

I'm still doing the odd commission here and there and leading my dance team at our church. We just finished a big national event where the team presented a piece each of the three nights of the conference. I'm working at staying healthy enough to keep dancing. My knees occasionally give me problems, but currently they are in good shape. May it remain thus!

I don't know what is around the corner next, but God always has something planned. I've learned to wake up to each new day and expect good things.