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Shalom! I'm new... - Kinsman Arts - 05-25-2011

Hello, I'd went to a worship arts seminar a few years back, but a couple of years ago had an unbelievable "throne room experience" in our Assembly. I've always danced at home a lot with the children (homeschool 4 children) or alone, usually in the kitchen Smile A magnified dance "thing" kept manifesting in the Assembly since the "throne room experience" and to this day, they keep one eye on me when I attend like they need me (We're 1.5 hrs away and can't go every week). The Assembly has a Pentecostal background, but there is always a great feeling of the need of breakthrough there. I am not a leader! So I've been reading every book I can on this, but feel there is no resource quite like ZionFireFriends, I'm so excited to find this site. Eventually I'd really like to branch out into the greater believing community we're surrounded by, all denominations, maybe even with children by puppetry or drama, wake up spirits and see breakthroughs by showing the multitude of related scripture to praise, the symbolism and use of the various tools, do public parks, etc. I need conferences and I need ZionFireFriends! YHWH can do much without extensive knowledge, but He can do even more if I can become educated, and/or more confident, and I'm praying He'll guide me into more purpose with this thing He's birthed. Thank you for having me on here, Shalom.

Shalom! I'm new... - HelenaZF - 05-27-2011

Shalom Shanna!

Welcome to our forum. Like you said, it is a unique resource-- its real experiences of real people who share real wisdom and revelation that they've received from the Spirit.

We love our little family of worship artists and pastors that visit here and are happy to provide a place for like-minded worshippers to share with one another. So often, like you, there is a bit of isolation in this calling. Our goal with ZionFireFriends is to be a nexus not just for information on the worship arts, but a place to connect and be mentored.

We are looking forward to getting to know you better. Smile

Shalom! I'm new... - DeanZF - 05-29-2011

Glad you're here. We've been blessed by some amazing teachers and friends along our journey and feel that it's absolutely mandatory that we pass on what has been invested in us. This is one great and fun way to do it.

Not only are we glad you're here, we're glad that you've already started sharing your observations and experiences. That's exactly how we all learn from each other! Blessings to you!!!