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Children in Worship Arts - Kinsman Arts - 06-08-2011

I'm getting two really opposite teachings and I'd like to know your thoughts on this. Some folks say that only very unique children should be allowed and encouraged in dance, flags, etc. because at the front of the lines, those involved in this kind of praise and worship tend to be attacked first.

The other view is that children can many times teach everyone a little about freedom in the Spirit.

I can understand the first view because I have 4 young children, and they are often intrusive or disruptive of dance at home. But I half think it might be lack of training or impatience on my part, because personally the view I believe in is probably more the second one... does anyone have any thoughts on this, or suggestions? Shanna

Children in Worship Arts - HelenaZF - 07-07-2011

Children can be very powerful in dance ministry because they are fearless, and have a purity of purpose. Putting a flag or other worship extension in their hands also can erase any kind of self-consciousness as they get lost in the experience of moving through the air.

However, if you understand dance ministry, you know that it is a part of spiritual warfare. Children can be involved, but should always be overseen by seasoned adults who are leaders and examples of dance ministry. I never suggest a church begin to introduce dance through a children's dance ministry, even though it seems like a good way to ease dance into the church culture. That is a backwards approach, and it's doomed to develop dance in that church in an unhealthy way.

Personally, I don't think it matters how unique a child is. They are not equipped to be put out on the battlefield in place of mature warriors. Yes, children CAN minister in dance....but in the context of the safety of discipleship, not as those leading dance.