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Tallit an Menorah project - HelenaZF - 12-08-2016

This summer, I completed a commission for a large tallit and menorah banner meant to hang in front of it.  The tallit and menorah banner reside in a local messianic congregation.

Here is a picture of the banner:


[Image: TallitProjectMenorah500.png]

[Image: TallitProjectMenorahClose400.png]

Picture of first use. Hopefully they eventually got better at draping the tallit. You can't tell in this picture, but the beautiful metallic brocade that borders the menorah banner is also used in the stripes of the tallit.
[Image: tallitBanhart.png]

Tallit an Menorah project - flaglady - 02-02-2017

That is BEAUtiful, Zena!

What a gifted lady you are!