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Welcome to the worship discussion forum - HelenaZF - 02-18-2006

Talk about how your ministry fits into local church worship, working with other worship ministers, scriptural issues and spiritual growth.

This is a forum for WORSHIPPERS. So all topics having to do with worship are welcome here. Our foundation for discussion will always be bibilical worship, so you are encouraged to back up your points with the scriptures. [Please enjoy using the on-line concordance. The link is above marked with the [Image: forumrules5uk.gif] symbol, and there is also one to the left of your posting screen.] And of course, ZionFire's particular concentration is on Davidic worship, or the worship of the Psalms. In our contributions to this forum, we will always seek to relate to that emphasis.

Dean and I are not promoting ourselves as experts, however it IS our message board, so we reserve the right set some boundaries when necessary to preserve repectful discussion and disagreement. We expect varying points of views and disagreements--in fact, we welcome them. That is how a fruitful discussion progresses. However, we would like to see discussions be self-regulating as much as possible, so I hope we can all agree to always seek to preserve the dignity of the person we are verbally sparring with.

You are encouraged to start your own topics, but it is also perfectly fine to add something cogent onto an old discussion,even if it has been a while since someone has posted on it.