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the Dance Oval - HelenaZF - 05-02-2006

Dancers come in all shapes and sizes, so it is always a challenge to garment a team and be sensitive to the needs of individuals. I believe we have come up with a very good solution to this issue in a garment we call the dance oval.

It is, essentially, a large oval of fluid fabric that has an opening for the head and is tacked at the edges to make an opening for the hands. This serves to keep the oval in place as the dancer moves. Any chasuble pattern can be adapted to make a dance oval. You'll need about 2-1/2 yards of fabric that is 60 inches wide. Generally, the best length is dress-length, or just a bit above the ankles. However, the oval can also be made in a poncho-style and length (either just above or below the knee), which works well for men. Fabric choices are not limited to white charmeuse, but that does work well! I've made some deep purple knit ones. Sometimes use them with gold, sequined yoke/collars. I have also made some that were beige & black striped linen with leather fringes for men. They had kind of a desert look.

The dance oval is a garmenting suggestion that provides both grace and modesty to all body types. It can be used under various tunic-like overlays, or another sheer oval can be worn over top of it to adorn it, as in this photo:

[Image: DanceOval4.png]

In our church (which is liturgical) we have made scapulars (long tunics) in the liturgical colors. The scapular defines a slender body shape in the midst of all the flowing fabric. You see one here:

[Image: bluescapular.png]

And another one in this pic, while using flags. At first we thought the dance ovals would inhibit flag movement, but have found that it works just fine in most cases.

[Image: redpennantflags.jpg]

Dance ovals and scapulars and patterns are now available in the ZionFire Shoppe:


the Dance Oval - flaglady - 05-10-2006

They do look lovely - but sadly, I'd roast in something like that! After 40 minutes fast flagging with our band, I'm frequently soaked as it is!

Also, our pastor's wife has this thing about having the heating on full blast - she feels the cold easily!!! - so that doesn't help. So I generally wear something light and cotton but embellished with applique, sequins and/or beads, what ever I can find in the shops - I'm no semtress! - but, being a big, big girl, such articles are extremely hard to find.

(Note to self must practice more with my sewing machine!!!)

the Dance Oval - mmitch47 - 05-25-2006

So glad to see the new fabrics and chausible type garments and even more glad you guys are ministering with great grins on your faces...I miss you terribly.

the Dance Oval - ajoy2dance - 06-29-2006

:praise: Are you making them for sale? If so I would like to get more information from you!

the Dance Oval - HelenaZF - 06-29-2006

I would be willing to make them for sale. Please PM me and let me know just what you are looking for, and we'll see if we can work something out.
Quote:December 13, 2006

I'm happy to announce that:

<COLOR color="crimson">Dance ovals and scapulars and patterns are now available in the <URL url="http://z15.invisionfree.com/ZionFireFriends/index.php?showtopic=1362">ZionFire Shoppe</COLOR>