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Christian Assembly Banners - HelenaZF - 05-03-2006

:zf: Majestic in Power - Glorious in Holiness

These two companion banners were designed to keep the vision of the house before the people of the congregation of Christian Assembly in Columbus, Ohio. Between the banners is a pre-existing wood sculpture showing many people all converging together, being called to worship the Lord at Christian Assembly. They are enormous banners....about 6 feet wide (actually about 9 feet when you consider the canopy) and 15 feet high. The banners were designed to enhance the message of the mural, and are so large because the scale of the room required it.

Over that sculpture, a large wine colored tallit is hung, representing the Lord's intercession over His people there. The wine color speaks of abundance, goodness, and the intoxicating sweetness of the Lord's love. The tallit is 6 foot by about 30 feet long.

<IMG content="http://z4.ifrm.com/12415/42/0/p1041791/CAPlatform_2.jpg">[Image: CAPlatform_2.jpg]

The banners, "Majestic in Power" and "Glorious in Holiness" are representing the scripture in Exodus 15:11. And the two outcomes of worship: Power, as is represented by the scepter with seven stars and the Key of David Exodus 15:6 Your right hand, O LORD, was majestic in power. Your right hand, O LORD, shattered the enemy. ....and Glory, from the abiding presence of the Lord, as represented by the mercy seat guarded by the two cherubim, who are interpreted as flames of Holy Fire. Exodus; 15:11 Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?

Click images for close ups of center sections:

<URL url="http://z4.ifrm.com/12415/42/0/p1041794/CA_Majestic_2.jpg"><IMG content="http://z4.ifrm.com/12415/42/0/p1041792/CA_Majestic.png">[Image: CA_Majestic.png] <URL url="http://z4.ifrm.com/12415/42/0/p1041795/CA_Holiness_2.jpg">[Image: CA_Holiness.png]

While I was working on this set of banners, our roof failed. The tallit was lying partially completed on a table in my third-story workshop room. Dean was actually there and witnessed the entire plastered ceiling come crashing down on the worktable, followed by hundreds of gallons of water. Amazingly, the tallit was able to be reclaimed, re-glued and rededicated to it's intended ministry.

Although we had a giant mess, an enormous cost to replace the roof, and a delay on the project...in the end it was a great blessing, as we were able to put in a vaulted ceiling and skylight in my workshop. Any artist will understand what a delightful blessing that is. And, the banners went on to fulfill their destiny as well!

Christian Assembly Banners - flaglady - 05-10-2006

God blessed you with an artist's studio, Helena!