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Super idea - eskael - 02-19-2006

Super idea for the dispersed who love and always long for more worship; who remember how blessed those moments of extended times from Mt. of Olives to Kansas City were..

Although my expression of worship seems more and more to be going down mercy street, the harp and bowl reality will have to be there to enable that. Those dying of AIDS in the remote areas can through a touch of worship receive the extension of compassion GOd has for all who love Him. I will be stronger being part of a team like this who I know are sharing moments of worship together..

I look forward to seeing familiar faces, reading articles and staying in touch. Thank you for starting it.


Super idea - HelenaZF - 02-19-2006

Francesca! :hug: :praise: :hug: !!!!!

We are going to want to hear what you've been up to....it's been so long. The time on Mt of Olives seems like another lifetime ago, doesn't it? Some of the most special moments of my life, in the cool air of the tabernacle night watches. Our "angel" Ibrahim with hot tea and snacks just when we thought we'd all faint from hunger and fatigue.....the amazing ways God brought people there and the moves of the Holy Spirit.

You just took me back there with your post! I'm thrilled that you've signed on!