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worshipping with flags is intercession - HelenaZF - 05-10-2006

Sondramc sent me a link to <URL url="http://thefoolishthings.homestead.com/index.html">The Foolish Things, and I thought this apologetic for flags in worship was particularly succinct. The rest of the site, devoted to worship flagging, is also worth taking a look at.

Why Are We Doing This?

Flags, as well as banners, are used in worship to exalt Jesus and His name before men and also before the powers of darkness. They may also declare our redemption through Jesus and His Blood. During worship or during ministry time, our flags proclaim the dominion of God's Kingdom and mark our spiritual territory. They also serve to invite and usher in the presence of Holy Spirit.

The flag makes a proclamation before heaven and earth, angels and demons through the one raising the flag, on behalf of all those present, whom the flag bearer represents. The flag bearer is truly "raising the standard" to rally the troops in spiritual unity. The flag minister must be following Holy Spirit, who is also guiding the worship leader, the dance leader, and the covering of the house. If we all remain submitted to the Lord, He will ensure order, and be enabled to move in power through the unified body.

Worship as Warfare:

If you are a worship dancer, or flag minister, it goes without saying that you have a heart of worship. I believe that an intercessory call also comes with the territory. If I can assume on the basis of my own experience, you may have been conflicted and confused about intercession. I had always seen myself as a "bench-warmer" intercessor. If God was desperately seeking someone to stand in the gap, He would place a prayer burden on me, but for the most part, I didn't feel the unction. This apparent conflict left room for the enemy to beat me up because I would rather worship than wail.

In worship, the flag may be speaking the heart of the people toward God, or God's heart toward His people. It declares His awesome power, reminds Him, and us of His eternal word and covenant promises. In warfare, The flag proclaims the Kingdom of God, and declares our authority over the powers of darkness. We raise our flags in victory as we go in to battle, giving honor to The One who has already won all our battles.

Recently I have received confirmation on many fronts that our worship is intercession. There is no choice to be made, no conflict of interests. As we magnify the Lord with our praises, His presence naturally enforces our covenant rights, fulfils His promises, and releases Kingdom reality into our circumstances. He is passionately seeking passionate worshipers to restore the tabernacle of David. In that temple, there was no separation between God and Man, and it was 24 hour worship that replaced the veil, creating a safe interface between His holiness and our need. As Tommy Tenney puts it, that was "God's favorite house", and He has promised to re-create it in our day.

Excerpted from <URL url="http://thefoolishthings.homestead.com/using.html">Using Flags from the website: <URL url="http://thefoolishthings.homestead.com/index.html">The Foolish Things - Kaylene Cunningham