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Crowns & Trumpets - HelenaZF - 05-15-2006

This is a companion set of trumpet banners (made by Judy Matter) and kings' crowns (made by Elizabeth Hill). Separate artists, but similar vision. They were constructed during a time when many banner makers were getting together at Kay Williams' home (Acts of Praise) for her Bezaleel workshops. Groups of us would gather at her large home in the Washington DC area and for weekends (or sometimes weeks!) work on the latest project the Lord had given. It was while working on the amazing Tribes of Israel banners that we were also priveleged to help Elizabeth finish these continent crowns. A while later, Judy designed the trumpet banners to compliment the messages of the crowns.


The pillows represent the Seven Continents. They symbolically speak of the spiritual history of the people of those lands, and their particular sins and needs. The crowns represent the virtues of the Lord, and who He wants to be those peoples of that continent.

The trumpet is a symbol of the voice of the Lord. The trumpet banners proclaim a single word prophecy to each of the Seven Continents.

Somewhere, I have a scripture exposition of each one, but haven't been able to locate it currently, so I'll jot down the things I remember, and perhaps Judy or Elizabeth will help me out with the rest!

Crowns & Trumpets - HelenaZF - 05-15-2006

[Image: Behold_2.jpg]...Antarctica

The pillow--icy white and empty. There are no people groups there. And yet there is the great beauty of the northern lights and the pristine ice.

The crown carries a star, brilliantly shining in the quiet emptiness of the continent.

Trumpet: And the voice of the Lord says, "Behold" the beauty and the Glory of the Lord. The Antarctica trumpet banner is portraying the purity of God's creation that shines where no people groups have inhabited and brought polution.[/table]

Crowns & Trumpets - HelenaZF - 05-15-2006

[table=2]<IMG content="http://z4.ifrm.com/12415/42/0/p1041785/Bless_2.jpg">[Image: Bless_2.jpg]....Europe

The peoples of Europe, established, traditionalists, are represented by the deep green color of life and maturity that they are so proud of having, with their ancient cathedrals and great learning centers.

The crown is made of leafy branches, the olive tree, the vine of the Lord, who wants the peoples of Europe to know real life and maturity.

The trumpet proclaims the word of the Lord "Bless". That the peoples would hear and turn their praise away from themselves and to the Lord. Europe is directed to Bless the Lord as in days past when the Bible was printed and sent out across the world. At one time they were active in spreading God's Word. The call to them is to return and bless the Lord.[/table]

Crowns & Trumpets - HelenaZF - 05-15-2006

[Image: Exalt_2.jpg][c][size=7].....North America

The pillow carries waves that represent the oceans that North America has always trusted for it's protection. The crown is designed as a fortress, representing the Lord as the true Fortress and Deliverer of the peoples of North America.

The trumpet banner proclaims the command, "Exalt". That the peoples of North America would acknowledge the sovereignty of the true King. The North America banner has the shape of a fortress across the top. The declaration to North America is to exalt the Lord as her protector and not depend on natural barriers or their own abilities to protect them.[/table]

Crowns & Trumpets - HelenaZF - 05-15-2006

[Image: Honor_2.jpg].....Australia

Australia is a great desert, sandy and rocky with life that flourishes just around the edges. It's civilized history began as a penal colony for the British Empire, and so the pillow carries those colors of the desert and of the rocks. The crown has designs of rock piles---altars of remembrance, for the Lord wants Australia to remember that He is her deliverer from her spiritual prison.

The trumpet banner proclaims: "Honor". That Australia would honor God who is her Redeemer. Australia was founded as a penal colony. There is a general feeling of shame that remains there. God wants them to know that as they honor Him, he will bring honor to them.[/table]

Crowns & Trumpets - HelenaZF - 05-15-2006

[table=2]<IMG content="http://z4.ifrm.com/12415/42/0/p1041787/Rejoice_2.jpg">[Image: Rejoice_2.jpg].....Africa]

Africa: land of great life (the Nile River) and the exotic and brilliant. The crown represents the extravagant beauty and joy the Lord wants to bring to the land.

The trumpet banner proclaims the word "Rejoice!" That the peoples of Africa would know true joy and rejoicing in the their King. Africa, in spite of their troubles has an anointing of joy. This is evident in their music and dancing. Through the redemption of Jesus they will overcome significant obstacles, and in their worship of the one God Jehovah spread the infectious joy of the Lord.[/table]

Crowns & Trumpets - HelenaZF - 05-15-2006

[table=2]<IMG content="http://z4.ifrm.com/12415/42/0/p1041788/Shout_2.jpg">[Image: Shout_2.jpg]....South America

South America: the pillow represents the industry of a poor but hard-working people group, who look to the land for provision. The crown speaks of the God who wants to be their true source of provision.

The trumpet banner proclaims the prophetic instruction to "Shout" the praises of the King through the earth. South America is divided by great natural features. They are called to unity in spite of this to proclaim the gospel with a loud voice to the world. In fact, the design above the command is suggestive of radio waves--as media is a powerful force in the spreading the Gospel.[/table]

Crowns & Trumpets - HelenaZF - 05-15-2006

[table=2]<URL url="http://imageshack.us"><IMG content="http://z4.ifrm.com/12415/42/0/p1041789/Sing_2.jpg">[Image: Sing_2.jpg]...Asia

Asia: the orient always has been known for its riches, and it's pride in it's ancient culture. The crown represents a large pearl to say that He sees Asia as a pearl of great price and waits for the time when Asia recognizes Him as the author and King of all that is truely priceless--the salvation of all those that come to Him.

The trumpet prophesies: "Sing" that the people would use their exquisite culture to glorify the true King. The background fabric of the Asia banner contains many jewel like dots. The trims are made of pearls and beads. There is a progression from the many dots in the fabric, to a smaller number of beads/pearls, to a single pearl dotting the 'i' in sing. This represents the many people in Asia. The Lord's message through this banner is that they not feel 'lost in the crowd', but understand that God created each individual with love and purpose. They are the pearl of great price He paid the highest price for, and He is the pearl of great price they can give all for.

Crowns & Trumpets - DeanZF - 05-16-2006

If I remember correctly, part of this, too, was that the pillow was how the lands were seen in the physical, but the crowns represented the Lord's vision for the lands.

Crowns & Trumpets - HelenaZF - 05-18-2006

True, if you remember any of them Dean, please elaborate.

The Continent Crowns & Trumpet banners have been featured several times in pageantry at the Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Jerusalem.

We used them once for an apocryphal pageant called "All Nations will Worship". There was a script written that highlighted each continent as the crowns were presented before the throne. It was huge production, I believe we amassed about 40 big worship banners for the occasion and scores of flag carriers. One of those things that only come together once.