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your ministry "motto"? - HelenaZF - 02-20-2006

I thought it might be interesting to hear about ministry mottos, and what you have to say about them, because if you have one--it expresses the essence of your ministry philosophy.

Since becoming a banner maker in the 80's, mine has been "more is more" (you'll see it under my avatar!)

Davidic worship to me has always been about extravagant worship....the kind of worship that is all-consuming, using everything appropriate at hand to give glory to the King, and holding back nothing. That means lavish, beautiful settings, glorious garmenting, and spectacular banners. Gold, jewels, anything rich and opulent that reflects the magnificence of God.

There is a whole movement in christianity that espouses the "less is more" philosophy. Stark white walls, little symbology or ornamenation of the worship space. Plain dressing, almost apologetic of anything beautiful. That is NOT Davidic worship. One only has to read the scriptures about the beauty of tabernacle, the lavishness of the temple of Solomon, and the supernatural magnificence of the heavenly Tabernacle in Revelations to see that when God does interior decorating, He pulls out all the stops and goes for the big :wow:

So yes, my motto is....."more is more" ! :menorah:

your ministry "motto"? - Sylvia - 02-20-2006

We first began our banner ministry after I visited Zion Fire about 3 years ago. We had stark white walls and not much going on except the obligitory flower arrangements up front. So, now we have some really nifty banners for Christmas, Easter, Communion and other days. They are beautiful things that some of the women in our church created. And we have banners with the Fruit of the Spirit between all the windows in the sanctuary. they are long and narrow and all those beautiful jewel tone colors.

We have a cross over the baptistry which we now drape with a purple cloth on Palm Sunday week and a white cloth on Resurrection Day. We use candles and flowers in all the windows and often have an arrangement on the front altar table that is full of symbolism. We've broadened our Special Day programs to include dramatic readings, drama, and things the congregation can actually participate in along with things they can touch and feel, smell and hear.

All this because of your encouragement. Thank you Smile

So ministry motto...? Well, I don't have one yet. Something good to think on. It would probably have to reflect all the change that we have gone through in the past 5 years. It has been tremendous!

your ministry "motto"? - miss iggy - 02-22-2006

Hey there, Helena!

I guess my motto for right now is:

Get'er done- anyway you can for now!

I'm still trying to fit into this role I've taken on-"music director" is a whole new thing for me. I'm very much feeling my way here.

Dance, beautiful settings, pageantry- I see it in the future, but it looks a long way off right now!

I'm looking forward to gleaning new ideas from all of you. I'm all ears! :hi:

your ministry "motto"? - flaglady - 03-26-2006

My ministry motto is "His banner over me is love"

Says it all, really! :twirl: