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we couldn't wait to register - Bearing Gifts - 02-20-2006


Dear Helena and Dean and Friends

Well we couldn't wait to register.

Not at all sure how much time we'll be able to spend with y'all via this site you but we're grateful for your initiative and hope we can be of some fellowshipful benefit. We look fwd to catching up with y'all and sharing our journey over the past few years since relocating to OZ.


Juliette: is concentrating on the boys this year. She will continue with One In Messiah celebrations; teaching, script writing and choreographing. She is a great baker and makes a mean spinach pie!!

David: Instead of accepting the art specialist position at a local school (where he taught most of the art programm for 2005), turned down this seemingly 'hand in glove' offer to remain flexible for increased ministry travelling this year.

BEARING GIFTS: We are gradually developing worship watches in our home, have commenced discussions with the worship leaders at our church to develop the same and have been given responsibility for the worship component for movement, flags interpretive etc., in the church we attend. we are looking for a couple of leaders to mentor here. David is assisting with 'dressing' the sanctuary. He is in the middle of designing a sculpture for the Pesach-Easter season.

We'll assist to produce two major celebrations, Pesach and Sukkot with OIMC, whilst sending out a couple of teams to share creative ministries in Thailand with the Rahab ministry folk amongst other groups.

We will be teaching at the ICDF conference in Malaysia in July. Looking fwd to catching up with dance friends there.

Samuel-Jacob and Judah: Samuel is 5yrs now and Judah just turned four. Both at school and enjoying this immensley. Samuel, tall and lanky, is sooooo lateral in his thinking processes, loves art, creating and choreographing with DETAIL. He has some difficulty with focussing but is learning strategies for this-remind you of anyone?? He draws almost non-stop, recording feelings, events and impressions with what I think is a prophetic slant. Judah is more stocky in build, a physical lad, with a precise mind, is self-motivated with a STRONG desire 'to get on with and complete the task'. He has a bit of a temper-like his dad who is endeavouring to teach him strategies for this!! Both boys love the water; Samuel starting free-diving to a depth of fourteen feet this summer and Judah can now cross the great divide-the five metre width of his grand parents pool!

We love them dearly, they exhaust us continually, not just with their antics but their laughing as well!!! And, we are just amazed daily even, at how God made sponges in HIS own image.

If possible on such a site and when we learn 'HOW', we'll download a clip from the 2005, Sukkot celebration here in Perth, Australia. Did you know the actor Errol Flynn was an Australian? He left Australia in his early twenties, I think.

love from

david and juliette haddy plus Samuel-Jacob 5 yrs and Judah ben David 4yrs

we couldn't wait to register - DeanZF - 02-20-2006

Greetings, dear brother and sister! :yay:

What a nice post on the Café! Thanks so much. It's good to see your names, as it was to find Ben and Francesca and Nola as well.

About video clips. For now, if you'll send the clip to me, I'll figure out how that will work and leave it up "for a season". I don't know how much space they take up or how to place them or anything. This medium is very new to me. Learning quickly, though. :wacko: