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Starting a new banner - HelenaZF - 02-21-2006

Although I've produced some banner commissions, I haven't made a new banner for my own collection in a long time. But I sense the cloud moving again and am working on a banner that I had designed before we moved to Kansas City.

In fact, most of the materials had already been gathered and stored in a box that has been on a shelf waiting. It is an "I AM" banner. It's going to take a while to take shape, because the first step will be constructing the background fabric. It will be an applique of all the flame shapes cut out of the brocade from the Seven Spirits series. (See ZionFire website for picture. Link at bottom of my posts.) I have it partially done on my workshop table right now.

I've taken some time off to get this message board going, but now that it's up and running smoothly, it's time to get back in the workshop. I'll give some updates, and maybe pix, as I go along.

Please send up some prayers whenever the Lord brings this to mind. Banner creation is a front-line kingdom activity, and I'm calling for intercessors. :pray: :praise: :pray:

I've missed being in community with our fellow visual arts ministers, and I'm so excited to now have this place where we can connect, regardless of schedules, geography or timezones.

Starting a new banner - Bearing Gifts - 03-20-2006

How is the banner progressing Helena?



Starting a new banner - DeanZF - 03-20-2006

Good to hear from you David. Glad to know that you're safe from the wiles of Larry. :yay:

Starting a new banner - HelenaZF - 03-20-2006

Thanks for asking! (Hope you're praying too!) Some progress. As I'm getting the background finished, I'm taking this time to think ahead to some of the design challenges I will be facing......so having this stage take some time is a good thing.

I've got to figure out how to make some light-weight, free-standing flames. Witty inventions! I need witty inventions!

[David, do you have any friends or family who were affected by the cyclone in Queensland?]

Starting a new banner - flaglady - 03-20-2006

I saw someone making flames out of the tinsel scrap - you know those long strips of thin metal with holes puched in it. This was the type with very small holes. She had taken a cut of this stuff and twisted it into a shape like a candle flame. Looked pretty effective, too, and it was lightweight. Just can't remember what it was on!

Starting a new banner - HelenaZF - 03-20-2006

Metal...that's an interesting thought. Might be able to work some of that into the flame designs. I'm probably going to use plastic needlepoint canvas as my structural support. It holds shape pretty well and is still flexible. I'm thinking I may have to reinforce it with removable dowel rods.

The way I have to pack and transport big worship banners make me a bit reticent of using anything that might be sharp or brittle.

Starting a new banner - flaglady - 03-20-2006

Well, this stuff isn't either sharp or brittle. In fact I think it might even be plastic based, come to think of it!

Starting a new banner - DeanZF - 03-20-2006

I'll bet it's the remainder after stamping out sequins! That leaves an interesting sheet of stuff with perfectly symmetrical little holes. 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm generally, depending on the size of the sequin.

If a body could find the right holographic version of that stuff, it could make for a very interesting look of motion because of the holographic influence...

Starting a new banner - flaglady - 03-22-2006

Dean, I think you could be right!!! Confusedlingshot:

Starting a new banner - HelenaZF - 03-22-2006

Yes, that stuff could be a possiblility. The challenge with anything recognizable like that is to find a way to use it that is unique and unexpected. *