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Extreme modesty? - HelenaZF - 02-03-2006

The topic of what are appropriate garments for dance ministry is always an issue. This a portion of a complete article on the subject that you can read <URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php?showtopic=5">here These are some of my thoughts, drawn from scripture and from my observations and experience. --Helena

:zf: (excerpted from: The case for extreme modesty in dance ministry ©

Quote:As dance ministry began to become prevalent in the church in the early eighties, there was little understanding of the need for extreme modesty. The attempt was being made to bring classical dance norms into the worship environment, and mistakes were made in the process. Worship dancers appeared before congregations in leotards or body stockings with little more than a sheer filmy skirt covering their completely outlined body shapes. They thought that the purity of their hearts in offering their dance gifts would override the sensuality of their bodies, and justfied the garmenting choice. It was thought that the beauty of the “form” would supercede the lust of the eye. It was wrong thinking. Many dancers met great opposition to their ministry without realizing that it wasn’t dance itself that was the problem, it was the sensuality of the dancer’s image.

In the following two decades, we have seen the results of an inattention to modesty--men who have to avert their eyes when dancers minister, dance ministries disbanded because of disapproval in the churches, brilliant spiritual gifts meant for the edification of the church unused and unappreciated because “it just causes too much trouble.”

Because of these problems, today’s dance ministers must be above reproach in the garments chosen for ministry. The guideline is extreme modesty. This does not mean we have to look dowdy or wear burkas. Grace and loveliness can be preserved in garments that do not provocatively show areas of the human form, or hug them in a revealing way. We must strive to avoid becoming a stumbling block for any man or woman. If we desire to offer ministry that can be received in the church, we must pay minute attention to this issue. Let us offer some basic guidelines.

There are some that disagree. They say that if the dancer's heart is pure, then sensuality issue is the problem of the beholder. What do you say?

Extreme modesty? - flaglady - 04-30-2006

Sorry I'm a bit tardy disovering this, Helena. But I think that worship flaggers/dancers should dress modestly. The kind of apparell that might be used in a theatrical setting is just not appropriate for worship. It honours neither the dancer, the audience nor God. Clothes such as you were wearing in your flame flags pictures are really beautiful and just as graceful and expressive as anything else I could think of. I think of that famous clip where Ginger Rogers was dancing with Fred Astaire. She was wearing a lovely ball gown trimmed with feathers. Not at all revealing and totally stunning as she moved! (But this is the only pic I could find!)

<IMG content="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b286/flagady15/gingerrodgers.jpg">[Image: gingerrodgers.jpg]