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azn here - Azn Pride - 09-21-2006

hellow my name is phulzun and i suppose i'm the only (or one of the few) asians here

azn here - HelenaZF - 09-21-2006

Welcome Azn! You are in the minority here at least for now, but we have another member here with a Korean background, Sae, who is a dear friend and beautiful worship dancer. She is intimidated by computers, though, and forgets how to post, so we don't get to hear from her on her very often.

How did you find us, and what are your interests?

azn here - Azn Pride - 09-21-2006

computers, books, nature, history.................

azn here - DeanZF - 09-21-2006

Welcome aboard! We're glad to have ALL who enjoy the worship of our Lord.

Can you tell us a little about where in the world you are, the type of congregation that you're part of, and what special area of worship excites you?

We hope that you'll find a load of new friends who'll quickly become family

azn here - happysandyh - 09-22-2006

Welcome Azn