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Help me out with some ideas - HelenaZF - 10-02-2006

I'm facing a rather interesting challenge. There is a special service planned next week that will be a deliverance-type service with an emphasis on prayer to remove generational curses. The pastor would like me to present a movement piece. Could be dance, flags, or involve banners.

At the moment, I'm totally uninspired. Not sure whether something along a healing theme would be good, or maybe a declaration piece about the power of God...but I have nothing specific coming to me. Would y'all help me out and throw out some songs that might come to mind that you think would minister at a service of this kind of specialized focus?

Help me out with some ideas - flaglady - 10-04-2006

One that came to mind immediately as I read that was "Breathe On Me (Breath of God)" from the new Hillsong CD. Has a lovely flaggy type tune.

I may think up some more!

Help me out with some ideas - HelenaZF - 10-04-2006

Hmmm...interesting, focus on the supplication aspect, maybe. I have a couple of Kyrie pieces that might fit that model, entreating the Lord for his mercy. Will ponder that direction.....

Help me out with some ideas - HelenaZF - 10-11-2006

The service was tonite......I chose a dance piece called "Father of Life" by Craig Smith, which is a lovely ballad with a kyrie theme. The chorus is:

"Father of Life, please have mercy

Take this heart and give it purity

Father of Life, pour your mercy over me

And renew a steadfast spirit within me."

[listen to a clip of it here (cut 13) you'll need Windows Media player: <URL url="http://www.kardiamedia.com/artists/craig_smith/ykc/index.html"><LINK_TEXT text="http://www.kardiamedia.com/artists/crai ... index.html">http://www.kardiamedia.com/artists/craig_s.../ykc/index.html</LINK_TEXT> ]

I used the <URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php?showtopic=7">Father of Life banner, which Dean carried for me, and with which I interacted in the dance. In each chorus, Dean turned the banner to show the flowing red word "mercy". The last chorus was done as he circled me with the banner so that the back of the banner displayed during the phrase, "pour Your mercy over me".

It was done right before the breaking of the generational curses part of the service, so it was a good heart preparation song. I think it worked well, and we received several favorable comments, some that were specific--like "beautiful and anointed", and "the piece ministered". Dean saw tears in some eyes. That sort of thing blesses me, because from that I know that the Lord was able to use my offering to touch hearts...something more than just a pleasing performance.

Help me out with some ideas - HelenaZF - 10-12-2006

Have had the song above playing through my head all day.....and then checked the daily psalm...another "God-incidence"!

Thursday October 12, 2006

Today's Psalm: Psalm 103:10,11

He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him.

Help me out with some ideas - Krista - 10-13-2006


Help me out with some ideas - HelenaZF - 10-22-2006

We are starting to hear some reports of the way God moved in that service. A couple who have been dealing with addiction and all the legal and finacial chaos that brings have started coming to a recovery program our parish offers and were in the service this morning. They have a praying mom who was at that service and prayed for the breaking of curses over them.

Another friend told me that her brother came and was deeply impacted--particularly by the dance we offered. He had been a worship leader 20 years ago and had estranged himself from the organized church for all this time. She sees God doing something mighty in him through this.

We'll be doing another one of these services on Oct. 31. Not sure if the entire format will repeat or not, but one part of the service involved writing the family curses you have discerned through prayer on a piece of paper. All the paper were burned to represent the ending of the generational curses. I had a few things written on my paper last time, and now I think I have a couple more to write of some new insights the Lord has given me about my family, and how more or them than would be considered normal are accident-prone and/or die early deaths, often from terrible diseases. It never occurred to me before that that could be a generational curse. Guess what's going on my paper next time!

We do many things out of faith and obedience, rather than a surety in any measurable results. It is always amazing to see God at work in a visible way.