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Name for the members only forum? - HelenaZF - 02-27-2006

As you may have noticed, we've been shifting the forums around a bit, trying to get them named descriptively and in a logical order.

Calling this members forum "The Conversation Room" was just a mental catagory that descriptively labeled it in our set-up process. But now it seems to me that it sounds a bit like a CNN news show, and is a bit awkward to say when discussing the message board with people we are inviting. (I could have just called it the "Members Forum"....)

So........I have a couple ideas, maybe you'll come up with a couple more......and then since this is the MEMBERS social get-together forum, the MEMBERS can decide what to call it. Is that brilliant or what? Besides, it will give us a chance to try out our voting poll.

Here's what we are naming: The forum that is for registered ZFF members only where we can come and connect with each other, leave messages, ask for personal advice or ministry, make jokes (not that you can't make jokes in other forums---I make jokes everywhere!), post off-topic subjects, share family photos, talk about everything and nothing. Basically a general discussion forum.

Here's some we've talked about:

Conversation Room is what we called it in our invite letters. We could leave it the same, and not confuse anybody. This could be the favorite option of those who hate change. :geezer: (just kidding!) I love this little guy...he reminds me of our friend, bearded Bill Thurman.

~The Parlor~ --from the French, "to talk" It has an international flair that we like, since we ARE an international group, with members already from Australia, South Aftrica, and soon possibly Bolivia, as well as from all over the US.

ZionFireFriends Cafe - Dean has actually referred to this forum that way once, that's what gave me the idea. And when you think about it, a cafe is a lively place where people pop in and out and join whatever conversation is going on at the moment.

So y'all discuss and give us your cleverest, most descriptive titles, and then we'll gather up the best ones and take a vote.

Name for the members only forum? - HelenaZF - 03-01-2006

what? nobody has an opinion?

UPDATE: After kicking this around for a while, we decided that will call the members-only, kick back and talk about "whatever" forum the LEVITE LOUNGE. Cool huh? I think it goes with our Davidic worshippers theme that is beginning to emerge in the other forums on the board.