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Jireh Dance Ministry - HelenaZF - 01-21-2007

[Image: 176505306096416419em7ha.jpg]...Jireh Dance Ministry

smooth worship and praise dance

Review from M/I Cafe: http://www.miproductions.org/MICAFE.htm
Quote:... Jireh Dance Ministry brought the house down. These anointed women of God dance with grace, power and conviction.

The vision of Jireh is to be the ministry of choice for worship arts in the community. Our mission is to train, develop, and network with both amateur and professional individuals in performance arts. We spread the Word of God to the church and the un-churched. Our charge is to develop inter-racial and inter-denominational relationships to promote "One Body - One Church."

Booking Information: Jireh Dance Ministry | PO Box 9687, Kansas City, MO 64134 | 816-304-4327 | <EMAIL email="Jireh@kc.rr.com">Jireh@kc.rr.com</EMAIL>