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Do you ever lose your passion for worship? - sonworshiper - 03-09-2007

I've been thinking lately, about how from time to time, I get tired of music. Not because it's the same old / same old, but more because I'm just tired of the noise. I have never really gotten tired of "leading" worship--I love it. But a few years ago, I got real sick of music. I wasn't leading worship at the time, and totally lost my love for music--of any sort.

Sometimes, it would seem that we (I) can lose the excitement for music, songs, lyrics, tunes. . . .get tired maybe? Until one song that you've never heard before just seems to kick-start you, and you just can't get enough of singing and worshiping and such.

Does any of this sound familiar? Or has my brain shut down with the cold--it's warmed up to a balmy -15C (up from -34C earlier this a.m.)




Do you ever lose your passion for worship? - HelenaZF - 03-09-2007

I don't know about anyone else...but I seem to go through "seasons" with everything. There are seasons when I'm listening to a lot of new music, or making banners, or writing songs, etc....and then I might go on for months or even years sometimes without coming back to that thing as a passionate pursuit.

I'm not a multi-tasker, so I can't listen to hours of praise music and hope to get anything else done. Even with instrumental music, I am constantly choreographing what I am hearing...so focusing on anything else at the same time is nearly impossible for me. I never choose to use praise music as a background for any activity or task.

So does it mean I get tired of these things? Maybe that's part of it. I like to think though, that it's part of "following the cloud" of the presence of the Lord in your life.