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I am new to message boards - sknoerr - 03-29-2007

Hello Helena and Dean...

I am new to message boards so please bear with me.

I enjoyed seeing you two so much at the recent conference with Jireh this past weekend. I look forward to participating in this message board from time to time.

My name is Sandy Knoerr. I have been the leader of a dance worship team since 1998 or around that time. We do Messianic dance, Christian contemporary dance, sign language dance, and tambourine dance. We love worshipping before the Lord.

I also have an internet site where I supply dance worship tools and garments for the Christian and Messianic dance worshiper. My website is <URL url="http://www.heavens-workshop.com">www.heavens-workshop.com

I have a question for you two if you don't mind. I am really wanting to purchase a shofar and am not sure where to go. I am asking if you have any suggestions. I have also done some research on the internet and came across a website called

<URL url="http://www.shofars.org">www.shofars.org and I wondered if you had any idea if they are reputable. They say that they personally pick the shofars they sell and that they do their best to connect the right shofar to the individual wanting one, seeking God's guidance as they do. Just wondered if you had heard of them.

Thank you for your invitation to join Zion Friends - I am sure I will be connecting with you again in the future.

Be abudantly blessed in the Lord,

Sandy Knoerr

I am new to message boards - HelenaZF - 03-29-2007

Welcome, Sandy! That conference was such a good time in the Lord, wasn't it? I'm so glad you made your way here. I think you'll find lots of resources and discussions that are relevant to your ministry here.

And thank you for sharing your website.....you are welcome to start a topic in the <URL url="http://z15.invisionfree.com/ZionFireFriends/index.php?showforum=9">Market Place forum and tell us all about it. I'll be adding it to our member sites list as well.

I'll let Dean give you his input on the shofar questions. I know he'll have some for you. Smile He wrote a little report on the happenings of the class we taught at the Jireh conference. If you are interested to read it, it can be found in the ZionFire Ministry forum:

<URL url="http://z15.invisionfree.com/ZionFireFriends/index.php?showtopic=1547">Jireh's Spring Clinic 2007

You seem to be doing just fine so far as a "message board newbie", but if you need any assistance with anything, we will be glad to help. Blessings!

I am new to message boards - DeanZF - 03-29-2007

Hi Sandy!

Greetings from me, too.

I wrote a longer response, but for the public record, yes, I do know Shofars.org and the man who runs it is Dominick Zangla who is your basic salt-of-the-earth kind of man. I trust him totally. He is skilled and trustworthy in all aspects of shofars and I believe him to be a man of integrity and taste. I've never heard a bad report. Nothing but good ones, actually.

<URL url="http://www.shofars.org">www.shofars.org is his site.

I am new to message boards - flaglady - 03-29-2007

I got my shofar from him! Good man! He sent me a very nice instrument (as far as I'm qualified to say as much!)

Welcome sknoerr! nice to have you with us!

**trots off to look at the website!**

I am new to message boards - DeanZF - 03-30-2007

That's great to know FL. I know that you've got a quality instrument. So hard to tell sometimes when they get it from the local Jewish gift store... I've seen some LOVELY horns that blew like soda straws!

Dominick is an honorable man, a man of integrity. I'd trust him in a minute.