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abandoned projects - HelenaZF - 08-01-2007

Do you have them? Projects for banners, flags, garments, other things that you designed, gatherred materials for, maybe even started working on but have not completed?

In fact, I have one that I've talked about on this message board here:


I used to feel guilty about these things, and pressured by their presence silently awaiting me in their boxes. But I've come to learn something about that that has released me from the burden.

If you are called into this Bezaleel ministry, then you must realize that it is not something that you dreamed up---that it is indeed, God's call on you. God is responsible, therefore, to initiate, inspire, and energize the projects that you do. Of course, we must be faithful to seek Him for direction and timing, but it's all so very easy to start taking the responsibility on yourself to "get it done".

I recognize the anointing on a project as the excitement and desire to work on it and the flow of revelation that comes during the process. That communion with the Lord through each step of the way makes the creation of these holy objects one of the most exciting and fulfilling activities in my life. If the anointing is not there....it is a chore.....a dry obligation that is like walking through molasses to accomplish. It is as if "the cloud" has moved on, leaving you with dead stuff to manipulate and arrange.

So I have learned that when the cloud moves on, it is not shameful or a point of failure to put the project aside. It is just part of discerning the times of the Lord. He can call it forth again in an instant if He so desires......and in the meantime, it can wait. And it's destiny is off my shoulders. That is a very freeing thing.