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personal worship checklist - HelenaZF - 08-08-2007

Have you ever considered doing a periodic diagnostic test out to see whether all parts of your spirit are awake and functioning as a worshipper? When I went through this list, I was surprised that I'm not always able to check every one. How did you do?

Think of the last service you attended and see how you do on this personal evaluation.

1. I prepared myself for worship before I arrived.

2. I got there on time. After all, I did have an appointment with God....

3. I was expressive. I sang enthusiastically.

4. I was honest when I confessed my sins.

5. When I gave my offering, it was with joy.

6. I had reverence in my spirit as the Word was proclaimed.

7. I recognized the Word of the Lord prepared especially for me in the service.

8. I gave thanks for the things God did for me in the previous days.

9. I spoke my needs to God in faith that He was hearing me.

10. My heart was open and excited to receive the benediction.