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RSS feed for ZFF now available - HelenaZF - 10-08-2007

Here is a little perk for those that want to quickly check on what is new at ZFF without subscribing to a bunch of forums and getting emailed about it.

We are now providing an RSS feed for those who would like to add our site to their feed readers or My Page sites. Just click on the RSS icon <IMG content="http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/144/rssfeediconradiofz4.gif">[Image: rssfeediconradiofz4.gif] at the left of the top navigation bar to add the feed. If your browser is set up to accept feeds, a screen should appear that allows you to add our site feed. If all you see is a bunch of code gobbledigook, just copy the URL in the address bar (or right click on the icon to get the link) and paste the URL into the "add a feed" areas of sites like My Yahoo, My MSN, My AOL or a downloaded feedreader program.

What will the ZFF feed show?

It will show the title of new topics and topics with new replies, and the name of the last ZFFriend that posted on it. The feed will draw from all the guest-viewable forums, but not from the member-only forums. You'll have to check in here to see what's new in those. Smile

For those not familiar with RSS feeds, it provides a way to get links to the newest topics and headlines from a bunch of your favorite sites all organized in one place for you to peruse. Then you follow the links to the ones that interest you. We love it that we have members that check in here everyday, this is just possibly a way for you to do it more efficiently.

FireFox feed controls are in Menu > Tools > Options > Feed

I understand that IE7 & Vista have built in RSS feed options, but IE6 users may need to download a reader or use a version available through Outlook.

If anyone has any questions about our RSS feed, or feeds in general, you can ask them here or in the Help! forum.

This article compares how the different browsers handle RSS feeds (with screen shots) and offers feedreader options.

<URL url="http://therandymon.com/content/view/75/98/">http://therandymon.com/content/view/75/98/