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Angels Banners - HelenaZF - 02-09-2006

:zf: He will give His angels charge over thee

This is a banner that I built in 2002 as a gift to a favorite aunt. She loves angels, and has many representations through her home. I designed a banner for her that depicts angels as strong, masculine warriors. The four angels surround a psalmic blessing.

The banner hangs mid-way in a 3 story atrium that houses a library and a cupola outfitted with colored glass windows. As the sunlight moves around the room, the changing colored light gives the banner an ever-changing glow.

<URL url="http://zionfire.com/helena/images/symbols/Angels01sph.jpg"><IMG content="http://zionfire.com/helena/images/symbols/angels250.png">[Image: angels250.png] <--(Click to enlarge)

The design of this banner was adapted (with permission) from original dustcover artwork by Thomas Klauba for the book <URL url="http://www.amazon.com/What-Bible-Says-about-Angels/dp/157673336X/sr=1-30/qid=1157736703/ref=sr_1_30/103-1131894-6901400?ie=UTF8&s=books">What the Bible Says About Angels by David Jeremiah. We highly recommend this book as a scriptural way to understand angels.

click to enlarge close-up pictures:

<URL url="http://zionfire.com/helena/images/symbols/AngelsCloseN.jpg"><IMG content="http://zionfire.com/helena/images/symbols/AngelsCloseThN.png">[Image: AngelsCloseThN.png] <URL url="http://zionfire.com/helena/images/symbols/AngelsCloseS.jpg"><IMG content="http://zionfire.com/helena/images/symbols/AngelsCloseThS.png">[Image: AngelsCloseThS.png]

<URL url="http://zionfire.com/helena/images/symbols/AngelsCloseW.jpg"><IMG content="http://zionfire.com/helena/images/symbols/AngelsCloseThW.png">[Image: AngelsCloseThW.png] <URL url="http://zionfire.com/helena/images/symbols/AngelsCloseE.jpg"><IMG content="http://zionfire.com/helena/images/symbols/AngelsCloseThE.png">[Image: AngelsCloseThE.png]

<COLOR color="purple">Northern Angel: Blows the trumpet, a symbol of the voice of God. This angel's ministry is to warn of impending danger, and to summon the heavenly hosts to do battle for us.</COLOR>

Southern Angel: Offers incense, the symbol of intercession. This angel's ministry is to remind us that there is continuous intercession rising up on our behalf.

<COLOR color="purple">Western Angel: Wields a large sword, a symbol of the Word of God. This angels ministry is to point us to the Word.</COLOR>

Eastern Angel: Holds the scroll: symbol of prophecy. This angel holds the certainty of the future, which is under the authority of our Lord, the Morning Star.

Angels Banners - miss iggy - 02-22-2006

Those banners are amazing.

That's how I see angels- mighty, powerful beings. I never think of them as chubby children or young girls.

What a wonderful gift you have been given. All the artistic talent I've ever had has gone straight to music. I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler!

I especially love the "certainty of the future". I don't know how people can go on without that knowledge and assurance.

Angels Banners - flaglady - 03-18-2006

My thoughts exactly!

Angels Banners - Sorcha - 05-27-2006

Angels have better tans than I do. I think I am jealous.

Angels Banners - HelenaZF - 05-27-2006

That's 'cause angels are fiery beings, darlin. They live close to the SON. (How'd you like the way I worked that little pun in there?)

If you look at the close-CLOSE-ups, you can see that the fabric is really gold with a red cross-thread. I wanted to their skin to have a burnished, fiery look.

A SON-tan? OK, I'll take it. Big Grin ^_^

(And don't think I didn't notice your avatar change.....)

Angels Banners - glenda - 09-06-2006

Your creativity takes my breath away.. :wow:

Absolutely amazing..

God has truly blessed you.. and in turn others.. :twirl: