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introducing kids to flags and banners - sonworshiper - 04-01-2008

Hey Helena. . .

I was just wondering (as I was reading about an upcoming worship conference) how to get kids into flags and banners. We have a small church. . .and one little girl who does ballet during worship. . . .would it be a good thing to have some small flags or streamers for her to use? I love it when kids dance during worship!




introducing kids to flags and banners - HelenaZF - 04-01-2008

Small flags and streamers, sound-free tambourines, and floaty fabric pieces are all good things to have available for kids to pick up and move with. It is amazing to watch how having something in your hand that you can move expresively frees up kids (and adults!) from self-consciousness and awkwardness.

I would suggest that these items don't just "appear" some Sunday morning, though. There should be some instruction, which can be quite informal, explaining some of the meanings of colors and certain movements and some modeling of the appropriate ways to use the the worship extensions so that there is not just self-indulgent chaos in the back of the church or wherever the place is made for this movement expression. It would not be out of line to require that kids would have to go through this instruction time before being allowed to participate in a public setting.

In our church we have such things availabe, but also have times when kids are invited to get a flag or streamer and "follow the leader" in some worship movements. That helps give them some worship vocabulary in a group setting in a fun and effective way.

introducing kids to flags and banners - pure_light - 08-12-2010

in my church we have seperate flags for the children. I have taught in Weds. night childrens class a couple of times on flags and banners and even had the kids seek the Holy Spirit about visions to draw and make flgs /bnrs in a workshop.They know they are welcome to come and WORSHIP.Usually they are very respectful and wonderful to watch. They will imitate your dancers/flaggers, but you must have an overseer.