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Carter meets with Hamas leaders - HelenaZF - 04-22-2008

Quote:Carter goes ahead with Hamas meetings

By ICEJ News

18 Apr 2008

Former US President Jimmy Carter went ahead with plans to meet with Hamas leaders this week, calling Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip an "atrocity” after talks with Hamas officials in Cairo on Thursday and then heading for a rendezvous with the terror militia’s top figure Khaled Mashaal in Damascus on Friday. Earlier this week, he tried to play both sides of the fence by visiting Sderot and decrying Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel as “despicable crimes.” Despite sharp rebukes from the Israeli and American governments, Carter defended his controversial meetings with Hamas, saying it was necessary to talk to all parties to achieve peace. "Israelis are suffering as well as Palestinians and they both need peace," he said in Cairo yesterday. “At the same time, if you live in Gaza, you know that for every Israeli killed in any kind of combat, between 30 to 40 Palestinians are killed because of the extreme military capability of Israel," Carter insisted. Angered over Carter’s defiance of US laws prohibiting contact with Hamas as a terrorist organization, some members of Congress are calling for Carter’s passport to be revoked and for a cut-off of public funds to the Atlanta, Georgia-based Carter Center.

I'm outraged. And ashamed that a Christian former president can be so naive as to think it is a good idea to give world credibility to terrorists by lending them connection to his stature as an ex US president. He even went so far as to place a wreath on Yassir Arafats grave, one of the most murderous, perverted terrorists in recent times.

Carter has described the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as "apartheid" and condemns Israel for "crimes" against Gaza, when they relocated every Jew out of there, left them industries, and continue to supply the area with food and fuel aid. What other nation woudl do that while having rockets shot at them every day? It's just maddening, and no one seem to have a roll of duct tape sticky enough to shut the guy up.

Carter is undermining the current US administration in some ill-conceived effort to establish himself as a world peacemaker. I think it brings shame on the US and shame on the Church everytime he talks about being a Christian.