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about editing - HelenaZF - 08-11-2008

Just as every word that comes to your spirit is not automatically one that should be spoken to the whole congregation, so must we also edit the prophetic pictures that we see we could illustrate with movement, banners or dance.

Worship arts ministers are "seers". We see ways to illustrate or act out just about every prophetic word or song we hear. The temptation is always to do it all....and doing it all is usually doing too much.

We have the opportunity, with some preparation and foreknowledge of what is planned for the service, to carefully edit our involvement. How is that done? Let's say there a set of 4 songs in the praise time. We can look at those 4 songs and see the flow or progression of them. What would work best to help people experience the journey of those 4 songs? What is the atmosphere of the service as we enter that time? Both are important considerations. For instance, you might be sensing some spiritual resistance, or a reluctance of the congregation to enter in. That might a signal to you to be pro-actively prophetic and move out in joyful celebration or proclamation in the beginning of the set (of course, the song choices would have to support this). In an other instance, maybe there is a reverential adoration song that finishes the set. Rather that dance your way through the whole 4 pieces, it might be more effective to see that last song as a culminating picture, and produce a visual scene with banners or other awe-encouraging visuals that will help worshippers focus their attention on the Throne of God. Having a lot of stuff happen at the beginning might not provide anywhere for you to go and take your fellow worshippers with you to that higher place that is meant to be the goal of that particular song set. If things are working properly, there should be a rise in the Spirit by that time that you are responding to. You won't be making it happen, but be riding upon what is already happening in the Spirit.

When deciding on whether to move to a particular part of the service, it is always right to consider whether you have something relevant to say to add to the Word of that day. Just because you have a choreography to a song does not mean that you should dance it every time the song is played...or that it is the only thing you do whenever that song is played. The Holy Spirit is supremely inventive and can give you inspiration for multiple ways to interpret the same song. We should always be asking, "Lord, what can we do with this song that will help advance Your message today?" And sometimes, the answer will be to not do anything that day. This allows our contributions to stay fresh and meaningful. And congregants won't be saying to themselves, "oh it's such 'n'such a song... the dancers will be coming out any minute with those red flags that they always use for this." That is not to say that some choreographies won't bear repeating, because they do. It is to say that we should be sensitive to the pitfall of becoming stale and predictable.

And so we edit....a song we dance this week, we might not the next. We may add something to that liturgical song one time, and another time not. We should always have our spiritual 'flags' up, testing the direction of the Wind, remembering that it is not wrong or uninspired not to dance--if that is what the Lord is saying.

about editing - pure_light - 08-12-2010

That's why I have found team leaders to be important. I try to function as a kind of gate on Sunday morning, so that there is some order. Hopefully I have the discernment to recognize what is going on in the service and in the spirit. I have experienced some members of the dance team who are convinced that their sole purpose is to take the worship service to the next level. I haven't been able to explain in a graceful way what you just said .thank you so much. This will help alot . I knew things weren't right, but I couldn't explain why.

about editing - HelenaZF - 08-12-2010

It is a challenge to look beyond just your personal "leadings" to the overall shape and direction of the service as a guide for deciding how and when to move out. I agree...leadership is necessary for that to function effectively.