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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to make a banner?

    It can take anywhere from a week to several months, depending on the intricacy of the design.
  • Do you sew all those sequins on one-at-a-time?

    I actually do very little sewing. I use glue predominantly. The single lines of sequins are pre-joined with a thread, which is what is glued down to the banner.
  • Why are the banners shiny?

    The materials of the banners are part of the message. As the banners are meant to represent God and His Kingdom, I use materials that are reflective and shiny because light is part of the character of God. Habakkuk 3:4 says that His splendor is like the sunrise. Rays flash from his hand when his power is hidden. Since He is a King, I use jewels and ornate, rich fabrics to honor His kingship.
  • What is extravagant worship?

    Extravagant worship is a term in current usage referring to worship that is expressed gloriously, with abandon, and exuberantly. It is a matter of degrees. Just as it was with the woman who broke the albaster jar and poured the extravagantly costly ointment upon the feet of Jesus, extravagant worship is the all-out honoring of God. It consumes us, it costs us, it exhausts us. It is all we have and beyond given to One who is worthy of so much more. In specific terms, it is blending of beautiful environment, expressive dance and movement interpretations, meaningful garments, banners, flags and objects that portray scriptural truth in a glorious way. Extravagant worship involves rich combinations of various visual expressions to interpret musical, dramatic and prophetic content.
  • Are banners scriptural?

    There are many references to banners in the bible that can be found by accessing a concordance under the words banner, ensign, or flag. God even refers to Himself as a banner in one of His Covenant Names, YHWH Nissi, and to the Root of Jesse (the pre-incarnate Christ) as a banner that will stand before people. [Isaiah 11:10]
  • Why are the banners so tall?

    The average size of the body of our banners is around 4 feet wide and 9 feet tall. With the addition of the pole, and when carried, the tops of the banners will reach from 12-14 feet. The reason for their size is that as icons of the character of God, it is fitting that they are bigger than we are. They tower over us in pageantry, and that in itself gives a message of God's powerful and overwhelming presence. Additionally, it allows them to be seen from quite a distance. Unfortunately, not all churches allow for the ceiling height needed,. At least 15 feet of obstacle-free height is needed for effective banner ministry.
  • What is the power I sense when banners are used in worship?

    A tangible sense of power can accompany banners moving in worship. We believe this manifestation is the activity of the Holy Spirit who is able to use the banner because it is speaking the truth of the Word. As the Word of God goes out, it actively accomplishes His purposes. The Lord is able to use the material and substance of the banner to communicate His Word. There is an occasion in Acts where Paul sends his kerchief to those who are ill, and the piece of cloth carried with it a healing virtue. So we believe God can likewise use the banners to impart revelation, healing, and comfort.
  • Is someone who bows or kneels before a banner worshipping it?

    The banners are symbols of the character of God and His kingdom. When people acknowledge them, it is as representations of the truth and real presence of God. As emblems or icons, they are given honor much in the way we give honor to our national flag. No one questions the ceremony and reverence given the American flag. It represents something grave and beautiful. The red stripes of our country's flag remind us of the blood shed by men who died to preserve our freedom. For that sacrifice, we give them honor. How much more should we honor the sacrifice of Jesus, and the emblems that represent His truth? We do not worship banners any more than we worship the national flag. We allow the banners to direct our thoughts and attention to the glories of His kingdom with the respect and reverence warranted by such great truth. They merely point us to Him.
  • Who should carry banners?

    Physically, large banners require some upper body strength, good balance and enough stature to handle the scale of the banner. Spiritually, banner carriers are operating in the Levitical office of Gate Keeper. Those who have an understanding of the intercessory nature of banner ministry and a sense of the prophetic will be able to minister powerfully with appropriate banners. In processionals, the leader can impart understanding to those who are carrying the banners in a rehearsed event. We always desire for elders as banner bearers in our events, because those are the ones whom God has called to lift up a standard of righteousness before the people, these are those who sit on the spiritual gates of the city and have authority to give and deny access.
  • Can I buy a ZionFire banner?

    Commissions are considered on an individual basis, and each design is original. Therefore, the banners are not available as a stock item for sale.
  • How can we start a banner ministry in our church?

    Appropriate (and peaceful!) use of banners in a congregation can only happen if this is a direction the leadership is desiring to go. With your pastor's initiation and approval, you are ready to begin assembling a team. Otherwise, your course of action should be to continue in prayer until God shows you what to do with the vision He has given you. A good way to bring this ministry in a church is to have a visit from an established visual arts ministry for a workshop and presentation in the Sunday service. Exposure to the beauty and power of banner ministry helps people get excited about having it in their church. This can establish an atmosphere of acceptance and anticipation as the local ministry team forms and begins bringing their banners into the worship life of the church
  • Can the ZionFire banners come to our church?

    Dean and Helena are often available to bring the ZionFire banners for workshops, concerts, and special events at the invitation of the church leadership. We would be happy to talk with you about arranging an event for your church.
  • Can we rent some of the ZionFire banners for our event?

    Yes, you can. But be aware that you are renting us along with them! We believe that the banners are best stewarded by being accompanied on any ministry trips they make. For this reason, we do not send the banners out without someone who knows how to minister with and take care of them.
  • Do I have to be a trained artist to make banners?

    You do have to be an artist, but your training does not have to be formal. The Holy Spirit can guide your innate giftings as you learn to create banners that carry authority and glory. There are banner makers who depend on other artists with more refined skills to contribute to their designs. This is all part of the Body working together.
  • How much do they cost to make?

    The materials for the type and size of banner that I make (size about 4 x 9) will run a minimum of about $200. Most will cost $400-600. (That is if you are a thrifty shopper.)
  • Where do you get your fabrics and trims?

    Local fabric stores can actually have beautiful and usable fabrics. If you want something more unusual, you can locate a theatrical fabric warehouse or a retailer who specializes in designer bolt ends. You can find a list of these in my Banner Maker's Resource Packet
  • How do you decide what colors to put in the banners?

    Colors have symbolic meaning in scripture. Researching color meanings and using them as part of the message of the banner reinforces the truths of the message. For instance, purple is a color representing royalty and majesty, and so would be an appropriate choice for a banner about God's kingship. There is a listing of color symbolism in my booklet, A Study of Bible Symbols, available separately or in the resource packet.
  • Where do you get those extension poles for the big flags?

    The aluminum extension poles we use to fly our large flags are actually golf-ball retrievers. You can purchase them at a golf discount shop for about $25 for the longest length. Remove the cup from the end and voila!, a collapsible, light-weight flag pole. You can purchase the collapsible flag pole already modified from the ZionFire Shoppe.
  • How do you travel with the banners and how are they stored?

    The banners are designed to break down for travel. They are rolled in a muslin sheet and packed in hard resin golf cases for airline travel. The best way to store banners is hanging them their full length. They can also be stored in rolls. For years, we stored the ZionFire banners under our grand piano. Ideally, they would hang in a facility where they can be set up except when traveling.
  • Where can I learn how to build poles and stands for my banners?

    ZionFire Banner Maker's Resource Packet contains measured drawings and plans for stands, poles and finials. Dean is also happy to help those with woodworking questions in this area. You may start a dialogue with him via our contact form.