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The concept for our web design, Jerusalem Gold, existed before I ever began working with online graphic design. First brought to reality in August 2010 in the template for ZionFireFriends, (the forum that is connected with the ministry) the design has now been integrated into the entire website.

Jerusalem is known as the "City of Gold" because of the golden cast of the limestone from which its structures and famous walls are built. At sunset, the city shines a brilliant gold with pinkish's incredibly beautiful. One of these limestone colors gives the theme its name: Jerusalem Gold. The button design also gives homage to Hebron Pink, another beautiful stone quarried there:

It is this "city of gold" atmosphere that I tried to work into the design of the theme. You'll see the warm golden and rose colors of the city, suggestions of smoothed stone and ancient scrolls. We hope you enjoy this taste of Jerusalem as you browse our site.